How will I receive my digital download?

After you submit your order, you will automatically receive your file to download via the link on the submitted order page. If for some reason you do not see your link, email for help!

What is the max size I can print my digital download without compromising the quality?

Our vintage art collection prints at its best quality under 16"x24". All other art can be printed at a larger scale unless otherwise noted. Actual max sizing dimensions are listed in each description.

Where can I print my digital download?

Where can't you print your digital download is the better question! Along with your digital download, you'll receive our Instruction Sheet for printing and framing for budget and high end options.

Do you offer returns?

We do not offer returns at this time.

Where do you recommend purchasing budget frames from?

IKEA, Target, Michael's, Hobby Lobby and thrift stores all have wonderful, inexpensive framing options. 

How do I apply to become a PULP artist?

We are always seeking new talent! Email with a quick bio and a couple pieces from your portfolio, and we will get back to you within 5-7 business days.