When you cross an artistic vintage rug dealer with a creative interior design photographer, both who love running their businesses, you get a perfect entrepreneurial match - or at least that's the case with Kristi and Lindsey. 

After connecting on Instagram and then meeting in real life, Kristi and Lindsey quickly bonded over their shared love of art and design. Lindsey was drawn to Kristi's keen eye for vintage rugs and art, and Kristi saw Lindsey's refined and timeless aesthetic as the yin to her yang.

Fast forward to 2019 and the inception of PULP. As with all great ideas, the print shop was generated by the pair in a coffee shop and quickly brought to life at Lindsey's dining room table. 

We thank you for being here and supporting our artists! They are truly the heart of our company and we feel so honored to be able to share their work with you all! Be sure to visit the artist's pages and read up about them!