TIPS: How to Hang Beautiful Art

We all know what we love when it comes to art, but do we all know how to display our pieces correctly? Not always. Let the tips below help you to create the most visually appealing place for your Pulp Print Shop pieces.

The Eye-Level Rule

When it comes to how high to hang art, a lot of us get it wrong. Let the eye-level rule guide you when it comes to placing your new piece. Your framed art should hang where the center of the piece is at eye-level. Now, we all know that everyone's eye-level is different so the general rule is to stay within the 57-60 inch range. This means that the art should hang 57-60 inches from the floor to the center of the art. 

Hanging Gallery Walls

Hanging a gallery wall can be really tough. We suggest laying your art out on the floor to get the desired layout you want for your wall. To create a cohesive look make sure to space each piece only a few inches apart - we recommend no more than 4 inches. 

Once you've created the layout you love, use paper cutouts to place the same configuration on the wall. You can also use the paper cutouts to map out the hanging hardware and mark where your nail should go. Lastly, place your art and admire your hardwork!

Hanging a Set of Frames

If you're hanging two pieces of art, treat them as a whole rather than two separates. This means your center will now be the center of the two pieces together. So when you hang at eye-level, the new center is in between the two of them. This works for hanging a pair vertical or horizontal. Hang your two pieces anywhere from 2-4 inches apart et voila! 


We hope you learned something new today about hanging art in your home. Check out all of our collections to add a piece to your walls today!  

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