ROUNDUP: Art for Kid's Room

Decorating kids' rooms are one of the most fun projects out there! They love color, they love whimsy, and they appreciate a space unique to them. We love to hang a single piece of art above the bed for a minimal and airy vibe or curate a mixed gallery wall to really personalize the look to your child! 

Today on the blog, we've rounded up our favorite PULP pieces to style kids' rooms with.

1. Soaring / 2. Bidwell I / 3. Coastline / 4. Paddling / 5. Yosemite / 6. Colton

1. Abide in Me II / 2. Cactus Bloom / 3. Geese Headed South / 4. Cotton Candy / 5. Dry / 6. Elsie

 To read about our favorite frames, visit ROUNDUP: Frames





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